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Currently offering on line or telephone sessions only.


When we exclude parts of ourselves, we leave ourselves feeling incomplete, dissatisfied or frustrated. As a Gestalt psychotherapist, I aim to increase awareness, by focusing on the present experience through your feelings, thoughts and senses, your connection with your body, as well as your ways of  relating to others.


I believe that in our bodies natural wisdom is kept, and when we deepen our connection with our bodies, we learn more about ourselves. I have found that working with the body is a key in healing ourselves and our traumas, allowing us to release unwanted  "emotional baggage" and ultimately be happier with our authentic self.


I offer an authentic therapeutic relationship for you to explore your feelings, thoughts and current life situation, in a safe space for you to do this self exploration. I believe that through exploring and clarification of specific personal situations, feelings or emotions, we can gain a better understanding of ourselves and our own needs. As awareness increases, we can open up to the possibility of experiencing and feeling compassion for the aspects of ourselves we find hardest to accept and ultimately aid in healing. As we befriend more of ourselves we are likely to live our lives with more purpose, meaning and joy.


I specialise, but not limited to, in the following therapeutic services:


* working with anxiety and depression 

* anger management

*childhood trauma

* sexuality

* shame

* grief and bereavement counselling

* existential and spiritual counselling




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