Meditation and Mindfulness      

This group is open to everyone who would like to learn more about different types of meditation and  to practise mindfulness in every day life. 

Let´s stay in the moment and notice what is happening within you and around you, in the beautiful green surroundings of Greenwich.
Sometimes it´s useful to stop and take a moment to feel your breath. Reuniting body and mind, which have become alienated from each other, reunites us with ourselves, fully present for others, and fully present for the planet. If you are sad, anxious or lonely, you may think to fix or change something in your mind. What we see in mindfulness and meditation practice is that these thoughts, feelings or moods are here, and that with an awareness of our experiences we can choose to relate to them in a more compassionate way.


Mindfulness is the energy that helps the body and the mind come together. When body and mind are together, you are established in the present moment, in the here and now.

Through meditation and breathing we are opening ourselves to deeper levels of being.

The act of breathing, sustains our life on earth. It is the catalyst that gives us life and brings us to fruition or manifest in our life the best of all possibilities for each of us. The breath oxygenates our physical system providing energy into our embodiment which is a means of cleaning our system on a second by second basis.

Practicing meditation and mindfulness helps to:

* live more fully and healthy

* bring more joy into our daily lives

* decrease stress and anxiety

* build self confidence

*boost our creativity

*gain more selfsupport

* bring self awareness

We will start our session with taking a moment to feel and notice our breath. In the second part, I will guide the meditation to support you with being more grounded and connected with yourself. We can also practice different types of meditation in silence or with music. Every meditation is different and unique.We will continue to explore and practice how to be more mindful in everyday life.

Working in small groups we can explore this together.

I can also facilitate groups in different days, places and times.















I am located at:

The Flame Centre

50 Westminster Bridge Rd.

London, SE1 7QY


Point Close


London, SE10 8QS

If you have any queries or wish to make an appointment, please contact me:

07729 627 900

I am happy to connect with you in person, by email or on skype.


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